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We use "the Square" to process credit card payments. These payments can be taken over the phone as well as in person.

Or instead, an invoice can be sent by us to your email, and then you can pay that invoice using a secure transaction process provided with the invoice.

To take a credit card over the phone, we will need the cardholder's name, the card number, the expiration date, the cardholder's zip code, and the unique code assigned to each card.
We have been asked if we do pro bono work. As able, we are willing to do pro bono work in egregious cases where Constitutional and legal rights are being trampled by government agencies and the affected party cannot afford to pay for our services. We would expect the attorney with whom we work to be providing pro bono representation as well.
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Call for a no cost consultation to see if we can help you. We will not tell you we can help you unless we genuinely believe we can.
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Complete the Client Information form we will send you as a .pdf file and return it to us.
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Review the Fee Agreement form we will send you as a .pdf file, approve its terms, and return it to us.
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Review the Contract and Retainer form we will send you as a .pdf file, approve its terms, and return it to us.
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Place a credit card on file against which charges can be made as incurred (but only after providing you, the customer, a detailed invoice for inspection) or else pay a retainer.
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We go to work collecting the evidence you need to make informed decisions.

                     Note: This is where our charges begin.
Why Hire Telos Investigations?
The Rules of Professional Conduct attorneys must follow prevent them from questioning witnesses and investigating matters involving their clients, lest they become
 a witness for their client when it's their job to be their client's advocate. Doing the investigative work is the role of the Private Investigator.
If you are represented by an attorney, to assure the attorney-client privilege remains intact, you may want to discuss with your attorney arranging our payment through his or her office. In such a case, we will accept a check for the retainer from your attorney, and will mail all invoices to your attorney for payment.
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Most people faced with legal prosecution by government authorities think that all they need is an attorney to protect them.

They couldn't be more wrong!

Attorneys protect your legal rights, serve as an advocate on your behalf, and present evidence to the court. But who collects that evidence?

You may be surprised to know that the Rules of Professional Conduct attorneys must follow prevent them from questioning witnesses and investigating matters involving their clients.

This is because the attorney could find him or herself becoming a witness in the very court in which they are supposed to serve as your advocate! The Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit an attorney from serving as both a witness and an advocate for the same client at the same time.

Therefore, collecting the evidence your attorney will need to effectively represent you is the role of a Private Investigator. The government has investigators galore, all with basically unlimited budgets and resources out searching for evidence with which to prosecute you or your loved ones! Who's on your side countering that?

Evidence begins to dissipate rapidly, so it must be collected rapidly. Sometimes evidence is just what people have to say about what they observed. But those people wander off, or their memories fade as time passes.
Therefore, you must have someone out seeking the truth and collecting all available evidence as soon as possible. Your attorney is only as good as the evidence provided him or her. Therefore, provide the best evidence possible.

Hire Telos Investigations to find out what really happened so that you or your loved ones can be protected from convictions that are based upon false premises, that may stem from behaviors that did not occur, or that may result from evidence that lacks the necessary quality.
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