Reno Mobile Notary
John D. Hiatt
Appointed Nevada Notary Public
No: 15-2232-2
2. If we're with another client we won't answer, so text or clearly leave a spoken message containing:

-Your Name

-Your address

-Your Phone Number

-What it is you want Notarized
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Mobile Notary Fees

Cold Springs area of Reno 6 AM to 7 PM $10

Cold Springs area of Reno 7 PM to 6 AM $20

Elsewhere Reno 6 AM to 7 PM $20

Elsewhere Reno 7 PM to 6 AM $40

Travel Fees
Notary Fees

First Acknowledgement (per signer) $5

Each additional (per signer) $2.50

Certified Copy
(copy machine must be avialable at no charge to Notary) $2.50

Sworn Statement (Jurat) $5

Oath or Affirmation without signature $2.50

Notary Information
A valid government picture identification card is required. (If over age 65 a once valid (expired) government picture identification card can be used. Call for other acceptable ID.)

If consular identification is used, it must have been issued by a Nevada consulate.

There can be no blank spaces that could be later filled in on the document to be notarized, but blank areas like margins or line spaces are okay.

All documents must be signed (or resigned) in the presence of Notary.

Documents cannot be dated beyond the date of the Notarization.
I am not an attorney in the State of Nevada.
I am not licensed to give legal adcvice.
I may not accept fees for giving legal advice.
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1. Call or Text 530-558-9650
3. We will call or text you back as soon as we are able.
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