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We Obtain the Evidence You Need to Make Informed Decisions.
While CPS is out there collecting evidence to be used to take jurisdiction over your child, who is
collecting the evidence needed to keep that from happening?
Services We Provide
We have training, including paralegal training, experience, equipment, expertise, and access to proprietary databases that allows us to conduct the following:
42 U.S.C. 1983 violations of Constitutional rights by government officials acting under the color of law

Adult criminal investigations and trial prepartation

Abuse, neglect, and exploitation of aged and disabled individuals

Elderly and disabled conservatorship related investigations

Industrial accidents including workers' compensation investigations

Insurance related investigations including fraud

Personal injury investigations

Employment related investigations including personnel issues

Prospective employee background verifications

Private pilot/aircraft related aviation investigations

Small Claims Actions (CA & NV to $10,000)
Juvenile Court related investigations and case preparation

Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations and case preparation

Child abuse investigations including fatalities

Family law related investigations including the identification of child harm

Foster care and other out-of-home placement related investigations

Pre-qualifying homes for foster care, relative care, guardianship, or adoption

Locating missing persons, runaways, abducted children, or previously adopted children once they have become an adult

Investigations regarding the appeal of Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) listings

Educational issues involving special education, suspensions, and expulsions
What Clients Have Said About Us
Client: "My attorney said you were on top of your game; that your reports were well done and well written."

Public Defender: "I like working with you. You do a good job!"

National Lending Client: "This is the best work I've seen in 10 years of doing this!"

Personal Injury Attorney: "Good Job!!!"

Client/Mother: "You are an angel!"

Defense Counsel: "You did a good job for (that client)."

Client/Father: "You are one in a million!"

Defense Counsel: "I gave your investigative notes to the DA and she dismissed the case."

Client Family: "You quickly found the coroner's report on our long deceased relative, and your charges were very reasonable."

Personal Injury Attorney: "Your pictures and report are fantastic. You are a super rockstar!"

Public Defender: "This is really phenomenal! Great work!"

Freed Defendant (17 months in jail on high bail): "I appreciate your hard work getting my case to a successful conclusion."

Legal Secretary: "You're awesome!"

Personal Injury Attorney: "Again, you did a fine job and came through for us."

Client/Father: "The judge granted the Temporary Emergency Order. I can't thank you enough!"

Personal Injury Attorney: "Thank you, John! You are the best!!"

Government Investigator: "I can't thank you enough for your made my week!"

Small Claims Client: "Thank you for your help...At court today, I got some cash out of the...contractor."

Defendant: "John, you put a lot of dedicated time and effort into this...I am pleased with your work. Thank's billion!"
Unsolicited comments about our work:
Serving the Reno/Tahoe area and Northeastern CA counties since 2014
Nevada PI license # 2049A
California PI license # 28729
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