Often, clients only want the help they need to help themselves. If you're one of those people, you may find the following links helpful.
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Auto Accident
Business Formation
Criminal Law
Debt Management
Disability Law
Divorce & Family Law
Employment Law
Medical Malpractice

Patent & Trademark
Personal Finance
Personal Injury
Real Estate
Small Business
Small Claims Court
Tenants' Rights
Wills, Trusts & Probate
Workers Compensation
Throughout my life I have handled my own legal issues to the greatest extent I was able so that I could learn to be legally independent. If you are like minded and haven't yet discovered NOLO, please let me introduce you. Their outstanding books and products are designed to make the law accessible to all. Though, I've never used it, they also have an attorney referral service on their website that you may find useful.

Simply go to www.nolo.com

And if you need a Private Investigator to collect the evidence you need to represent yourself in court, please consider Telos Investigations!
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With the unprecedented electronic spying ongoing these days, you may want to maintain privacy through encryption. If so, you may want to consider free open source VeraCrypt (but please do make a donation). Open source means that the code is available to coders everywhere and thus any "backdoors" or other vulnerabilities can be identified and corrected (why you always want to upgrade to the latest version). Interestingly, VeraCrypt is derived from a former high quality paid encryption tool called TrueCrypt, which went kablooie under pressure from the Feds, and then found its way to open source.

Take a look at https://www.veracrypt.fr/en/Home.html
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For a reasonably priced easy to use transcription service with a fast turn-a-round time, I have found this site the best:

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Attendees at the June 7 thru 10, 2018, CALI training entitled "Recognizing Child Harm in Dependency and Family Law Matters" may obtain the class handout here:
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